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Chapman Hall Realty Home Seller & Buyer Rebate Atlanta

How It Works

How It Works?

The home buyer rebate process is simple. We'll provide you with up-to-date real estate listings directly from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service), and the GAMLS (Georgia Multiple Listing Service). These are all listing services used exclusively by Realtors® to market homes for sale to the entire real estate industry. Also, for home rebates:

  • • You can search the listing services comprehensively and directly from any realtor's website.
  • • You find the homes you are interested in seeing and then contact us to schedule showings of these homes to you.
  • • We meet you at the first home to see and then continue on to see all the homes we scheduled to see. Home Rebates requires that I show you the home you buy.
  • • We keep doing this until you find your desired home(s).

Selling Your Home?

Ask About Our Low-Cost Listing Commission Program That Brings Real Estate
Sellers So Many Advantages. We Offer 1% And 2% Listing Programs.

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Let us help you find the perfect place! We Pay A Guaranteed Rebate Of 1.5% Of
Home Purchase Price To You, The Home Buyer. That's 50% Of The Commission Paid To You!

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Services & Representation

Services & representation we provide and perform for you as your Realtor; besides the 1.5% cash rebate:

We get the best price for you along with your home buyer rebate.

  • • When you feel you have found your desired home(s), we then perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine what the home sales comparables to your desired home are or have sold for recently. We also can negotiate in your favor on the condition of your desired home versus the sales comparables.
  • • COMMUNICATION is the Key. We communicate thoroughly to All home rebates clients.
  • • We explain, relay, and tell you EVERYTHING and do it Regularly and On-Time.
  • • We coordinate, and administrate the entire Purchase and Sale Agreement, all the Amendments, and all the Exhibits for you. We will coordinate with you all Schedule and time/date deadlines through the day of closing.
  • • We Construct your Purchase and Sale Agreement and Formulate the game plan for contract negotiations. This is how we will construct your initial Purchase Offer for you in order to guarantee you the best (lowest purchase price) outcome (actual purchase price).
  • • We also outline your "other desired" criteria within your initial purchase offer, such as requesting the seller to contribute towards your closing costs, outlining the home inspection process & negotiations- VIP!, or asking for cosmetic repairs, or a preferred closing date or move in date. These initial requests are endless and specific to each home, the buyer (you), and the seller; and must be constructed correctly up-front within the Purchase & Sale Agreement in order to get the best home purchase for you.

The Defect Resolution Period - VIP !!!

  • We help protect you from the financial, contractual, and defective home pitfalls and future losses.
  • We negotiate and administrate home inspection requests for repairs with and for you. This process is formally and tediously known as the "Defect Resolution Period" that can be very time consuming and consists of multiple Amendments to be negotiated, constructed, re-typed, and faxed to and from the listing agent for final agreed signatures from all parties. -NOTE: The Defect Resolution Period is where 90% (National Association of Realtors® statistic) of all Purchase & Sale Agreements FAIL and TERMINATE. This is one of the many areas we, as your Realtor®, earn our keep.

The math: We do the home buying & closing calculations for you.

  • We perform an accounting and accuracy review of your HUD-1 Settlement Statement prior to closing date. Review includes: closing costs accuracy, your tax pro-rations due, your earnest money application & return, your homeowner association dues pro-rations, etc. It's a long list.
  • Most importantly, we check and explain how much, if any, money you need to bring to closing.

The Final Walk-Through.

  • Repairs, Defects, & Upgrades: We follow-up on all due to you.
  • We will perform the final walk through with you, before closing day, to confirm all repairs, defects, and cosmetic and/or contracted up-grades have been completed to your satisfaction. We will contractually resolve any un-satisfactory items found in the walk through until you are satisfied.

We negotiate and administrate all the contracts for you. You get to relax and collect a home buyer rebate. We do all the faxing, emailing, copying, and mailing, and delivery of documents.


We coordinate and administrate for you with the closing attorney to make sure of a smooth closing with no surprises. The MATH above!! - We check again!! That all repairs, defects, & upgrades have been completed.

- We administrate & deliver the entire Purchase and Sale Agreement, all the Amendments, and all the Exhibits for you. We will communicate and coordinate with you on all Schedule and time/date deadlines through the day of closing.

Best & Last - We hand deliver your cash rebate to you immediately as a cashiers check or certified funds made payable to you. If you prefer all cash, not a problem! Our home buyer rebate or home rebates can be applied in many different types of residential real estate or commercial real estate transactions, including:

  • • New Homes for Sale: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Re-Sale Homes (currently or previously lived in home & listed with other realtor): Home Rebates apply.
  • • Builder Homes: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Pre-Sale Homes or Lots: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Under Construction Homes: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure Homes or Properties: Home Rebates apply.
  • • REO (Real Estate company Owned) Homes or Properties: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Bank Owned Homes or Properties: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Lots and Land (Residential or Commercial Zoned): Home Rebates apply.
  • • For Sale by Owner (not realtor listed) Homes or Properties: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Lake and Mountain Property: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Condominiums and Lofts: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Town homes: Home Rebates apply.
  • • Commercial Property (Home Rebates applies to Purchase or Lease)
  • • Office Buildings (Home Rebates applies to Purchase or Lease)
  • • Warehouse Buildings (Home Rebates applies to Purchase or Lease)
  • • Industrial: buildings space or land. (Home Rebates applies to Purchase or Lease)
  • • Retail: building, space, or land. (Home Rebates applies to Purchase or Lease)
  • • Any Out of State Property (Home Rebates applies). We have offices in most or all U.S. Cities.

NOTE: All COMMERCIAL PROPERTY searches require us providing access to you to a specific Multiple Listing Service for Commercial Real Estate property. We will provide per your request. Please inquire directly with us.